The Course Overview


The course will give you support through the last few weeks of your pregnancy and after for mums and dads living  in the Ashbourne/ Derby / Uttoxeter areas.

The full course takes you and the rest of the group through four 2 hour antenatal sessions on four consecutive weeks leading towards your due date.

A fifth postnatal session will be arranged approximately 4 to 6 weeks after your baby has been born to offer advice and share experiences within the group. A great opportunity to catch up and meet the rest of your groups babies.

By attending this group you will have support through the last few weeks of your pregnancy and have gained an insight into the fundamentals of having a baby and being a parent.

Blooming Bumps and Babes will discuss all your questions in a safe environment and provide the knowledge for you to confidently make decisions and enjoy parenthood. There is never a “daft” question!

The ideal time to come along to the antenatal course is when you  28-32 weeks pregnant. Please  bring birthing balls or your own cushions to any of the sessions.


Antenatal – Being prepared, what do I need to know?

Week 1

We will look at what your baby is doing now, how you are forming a relationship with the baby and how that will influence the baby’s emotional and physical development for the rest of your baby’s life.

Week 2

We will look at labour from mums, the baby’s and partners perspective, as well as the pain relief options available to you in labour.

Week 3

We will cover feeding choices including breastfeeding and formula milk options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both, including information on recognising the best times to feed your baby.

Week 4

We will cover the first 48 hrs after the birth of your baby and coming home.   We will learn about common baby ailments, what to look for and the right action to take.

Postnatal (4-6 weeks after the birth of your baby)

Week 5

Opportunity to share your experience of childbirth and being a family (only if you want to). We will look at ways of enhancing your babies emotional and social development, discuss the way forward and support links that could become a network you will lean on for years to come.


Full details of the five week course can be found here: Course Details.

Please bring your partner, a family member or a friend with you to the sessions, anyone is welcome.

You are welcome to bring birthing balls or your own cushions to any of the sessions.