Blooming Bumps and Babes is an antenatal and postnatal short course, for all mums and dads to be, offering up to date information and support through the last few weeks of your pregnancy, We will  cover information including preparation for labour, breastfeeding, coming home with baby plus lots more  all related to your pregnancy birth and after your baby arrives (as  well as a few tips on the way.)

Classes run across Derbyshire,  Staffordshire and Derbyshire Dales.

Have you ever wondered if you know what’s best for your baby?  Blooming Bumps and Babes is here to help with sound professional advice  and support that will help prepare you for being a parent.

  • What should I do when I’m in labour? What about any pain relief?
  • Is breastfeeding  best for baby, what about me?
  • Why’s my baby crying, is it normal?
  • Will I bond with baby?
  • Does skin to skin make any difference?

Through attending this empowering course you, your partner or friend will have the opportunity to ask and discuss any questions related to your pregnancy, birth and caring of your baby during the first few weeks of baby’s life.

The courses are led by Heather – an experienced Health Visitor and Antenatal facilitator.

Heather will provide you with support and  guidance around preparation for your baby and  parenting skills.

Heather is also available for individual sessions if you feel like you need an extra bit of guidance.  Please contact her via email.

More information on the course can be found here.


“Heather has such a host of knowledge on preparation and what happens in labour in fact the  whole subject of bumps, babies and breastfeeding, that we were sure the sessions would be jam packed full of useful information and we weren’t disappointed. What was even better than we expected was that all of the information, hints and tips heather gave us were so practical and relevant, unlike a lot of similar sessions, where you are just overwhelmed with information. We left feeling genuinely enthused and not scared, overwhelmed or put off our imminent birth It encouraged us to read up more on specific things we wanted further information on and gave us real, proper guidance.
Heather is a welcoming and hugely approachable person and we really felt comfortable asking her any questions we had. She truly made these antenatal sessions enjoyable and made us even more excited and prepared for our baby girl…we just need her to come along now, we are ready for her!
Thanks Heather!” Emma and Rob,  Ednaston. Ashbourne January 2017

” Style worked well for me it was more like a chat with friends and gave me the comfort to ask whatever question with out feeling silly”  Lyndsay, May 2017

“How baby works during labor is amazing” Hayley, May 2017


you for the sessions, really enjoyed them . It’s made me so much more confident! Can’t wait to meet her” Kelly, Ashbourne July 2017.

Blooming Bumps and Babes is accredited by FEDANT – the Federation of Antenatal Educators.